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  • Anti-Foam

    Anti Foam

    HTH Anti-foam is specially formulated to work with all hot tubs and spas including use in any Wood Hot Tub. Anti-foam is used to remove unwanted bubbles in spa and hot tub water. HTH Anti-foam is compatible with all sanitizers including bromine.

    Phosphates left over from washing bathing suites, can produce excessive bubbles in hot tub water. Antifoam chemical is a completely safe way to eliminate these unwanted bubbles. Simply add a small amount on to the bubbles and they will quickly disappear. These bubbles can be the source of hot tub ring (line that forms on the top surface of tub just above water line). Use Anti Foam regularly to avoid scum formed by bubbles.

    • Will not raises the pH level in spa and hot tub water
    • Prevents excessive bubbles
    • Reliable, safe and effective

    Size: 1L

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    € 24.90
  • Aquacheck

    AquaCheck Bromine

    AquaChek Bromine water testing strips make it easy to test your spa water for Total Bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Total Hardness.

    Quick to use and easy to read the results.

    Contains 50 test strips.

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    € 16.95
  • Brominating Tabs 1kg
    Brominating Tabs 1kg

    Brominating Tablets

    Antibacterial tablets for use with wooden hot tubs.

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    € 22.50
  • Calcium Booster
    Calcium Booster

    Calcium Booster

    Raises the total hardness of your water.

    946 ml

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    € 13.40
  • Choc sans chlore
    Choc sans chlore

    Choc sans chlore aka Non-chlorine shock (replaces Oxy-Pur)

    Non-chlorine shock or "Monopersulfate" (also marketed as "Active Oxygen") is a powerful oxidizing agent. It kills bacteria and eliminates residues left behind by bathers: sweat, sunscreen and so on.

    Some people rely on Active Oxygen as an alternative to bromine or a mineral ionizing system. We don't recommend this; it's good stuff, but its anti-bacterial effect doesn't last very long. It is much better to use it as an occasional shock treatment in combination wih an ozonator and brominating tablets or as a combination with an ozonator and an mineral ionizing system.

    Shock treatments are essential for maintaining clean water in your spa. You should shock the water once a week or whenever the bromine level drops to zero. For heavily-used spas (including any commercially-operated spa), add shock at the end of each day.

    Nett 1.2 kg

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    € 19.80
  • Filter Clean Tablet
    Filter Clean Tablet

    Pleatco Filterwash Tablet

    • Fast acting fizz tablet
    • No measuring. No messy chemicals!
    • Releases body oils, suntan lotion and dirt
    • Safe and easy on the filtration fabric
    • Loosens debris from the fabric surface
    • 100% Environmentally friendly
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    € 4.90
  • Filter Patroon
    Filter Patroon

    Cartridge Filter

    Cartridge filter suitable for Nothern Lights® systems.

    Model 50sq ft

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    € 39.50
  • Floating Tablet Dispenser
    Floating Tablet Dispenser

    Floating Tablet Dispenser

    Adjustable floating bromine tablet dispenser. (never use CHLORINE in a wooden hot tub )

    This compact tablet feeder is ideal for hot tubs and spas. It allows fine adjustments so that you can put exactly the right amount of bromine into the water. The locking ring and coding mean that you can easily select the right level of dosage. The fine grille and weighted base ensure that no tablet fragments can fall out onto the seats of your hot tub.

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    € 10.50
  • Lavender

    Aroma Therapy Oil - Lavender 225ml

    Enticing, relaxing fragrances, especially formulated for use in hot tubs.

    Soothes and moisturizes the skin. Water soluble, alcohol free and pH neutral.

    Approved for wooden hot tubs

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    € 11.40
  • Mineral Aid 1L
    Mineral Aid 1L

    Mineral Aid (discontinued)

    Mineral Aid was used together with Oxy Pur. 

    To simplify the sanitization process of your hot tub, we have replaced Oxy Pur with another product, "Choc Sans Chlore". 

    Choc Sans Chlore can be used without Mineral Aid. Therefore, we have discontinued Mineral Aid. 

    You will find Choc Sans Chlore in this webshop.

  • Oxy Pur 1kg
    Oxy Pur 1kg

    Oxy Pur 1kg (discontinued)

    To simply the sanitization process of your hot tub we have replaced Oxy Pur with another product "Choc Sans Chlore".

    Choc Sans Chlore can be used without Mineral Aid.

    Therefore we have discontinued both Oxy Pur and Mineral Aid.

    You will find Choc Sans Chlore in this webshop.

  • Ozonator

    Ozonator set

    This compact ozonator set is quick and easy to install in your ozone-ready hot tub, or as a replacement ozonator for older model.

    It is extremely energy-efficient, using only 6.5W per hour, 37% less than comparable models.

    The set also includes air tubing and a check valve.

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    € 169.00
  • Replacement Electrode
    Replacement Electrode

    Replacement Cu-Ag-Zn electrode

    Replacement electrode for the Mineral Ionizing System. 

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    € 125.00
  • Sea Blue
    Sea Blue

    Sea Blue

    Northern Lights SEA BLUE is specially formulated to work with all hot tubs and spas including use in any Wood Hot Tub.

    SEA BLUE is used to restore clarity in cloudy spa and hot tub water. Northern Light's SEA BLUE is compatible with all sanitizers including bromine, chlorine and biguanide.
    Healthy clear water is essential to safely enjoy hot tubbing. Very Fine particles can form in hot tub water. These particles are so small they don't get filtered out by the filter system.

    SEA BLUE causes these particles to attract to one another so they grow in size. The larger particles then get filtered out of the water through the filter system. It is these finely suspended particles that give the water a dull cloudy look. With SEA BLUE the water will quickly regain its sparkling clear brilliance! Add 125 ml per 1000 liters of water.

    • Reliable, safe and effective
    • Adds Brilliance back to spa water
    • Aids filter system in removing suspended particles
    • Restores water clarity 

    Size: 500 ml 

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    € 14.10
  • pH Minus
    pH Minus
  • pH Stabilizer
    pH Stabilizer

    pH Stabilizer aka Alkanal (replaces Alka Rise)

    Low Total Alkalinity (also known as TAC) can make it difficult to maintain the pH of your hot tub water between 7.2 and 7.6. Use pH Stabiliser to increase the total alkalinity of your spa water and (surprise!) to stabilise its pH.

    If you have soft tap water, we recommend that you add 100-200g of pH Stabiliser each time you refill your spa.

    pH Stabiliser contains sodium bicarbonate, which also makes the spa water feel softer on your skin.

    Note: HTH Spa has redesigned this reference, so you could read "Alkanal" on the presentation label rather than "pH stabiliser". It is the same product.


    Nett : 1.2kg

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    € 7.95