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Naturally relaxing. Nothing beats bathing outdoors in a beautifully crafted cedar hot tub. After a long working day or after an enduring physical workout you will find true relaxation again in the soothing, warm water of your own, private cedar hot tub. It are these moments of calmness that offer genuine luxury.

Designed for your comfort. Be amazed by the level of comfort that you get from a Northern Lights® hot tub. Offering total control, either on the spot or remotely with your mobile phone. We have combined the best traditional materials with modern spa technologies to provide you with endless outdoor bathing pleasure.


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  • Highest Quality.
    Highest Quality.

    Northern Lights® is the world's leading supplier of original red cedar hot tubs. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality wooden hot tubs available.

    More about our Quality Standards.

  • 100% Western Red Cedar.
    100% Western Red Cedar.

    We select Clear Red Cedar right from the source. Its superb durability and its insulating value have made cedar the best and only choice for hot tub and sauna construction.

    More about our Choice of Wood.

  • Ecological.

    Wood surpasses other building materials in almost every sustainability parameter. Life cycle assessments show Western Red Cedar is the best environmental choice.

    More about Cedar and Environment

  • Easy Assembly.
    Easy Assembly.

    No special skills or tools are needed to assemble our kits. In fact, assembling your own hot tub with our quality
    components is a rewarding and enjoyable project!

    View our Step-by-Step Assembly.

  • 20 Years of Excellence.
    20 Years of Excellence.

    You will be happy to know that we have over 20 years of manufacturing experience. That valuable experience is brought forward in our stringent quality programs to ensure only the best for our customers. 

  • Service and Support.
    Service and Support.

    When buying a hot tub, the support and service provided is often overlooked. The success of our company is due largely to the individual care we offer to all our customers.

The tradition of hydro-therapy

The soothing effects of hot water on the body and soul

Throughout the ages, especially since the days of ancient Rome, people have loved the calm pleasures and therapeutic benefits of soaking in warm water. People, everywhere, feel an affinity with water and love to engage in the simple pleasures of soaking. The Romans were brilliant in popularizing recreational activities around water and tubs and to this very day, we are all very aware of the healing effects of warm water. Barrelmaking or cooperage goes back thousands of years. It is an age-old tradition and cooperage is still appreciated, today, for storing liquids such as wines and spirits.

hottub resort Very early on, cedar and oak were used for their natural resistance to decay and the way the wood expands when soaked. Cooperage ushered in the earliest forms of those wonderful hot tubs.

The 1970s literally burst upon the home leisure scene and plastics became the new woods. Confusing though this was, people lost no time in forgetting all about beautiful, natural woods. If you heard the word "spa", the words "hot tub" would soon to follow. People were just beginning to get used to the luxury of a good soak, even at home. Although people tried to become accustomed to the new 'wood', for many of them, this notion simply didn't take off.  They wanted the feel and properties of real wood and nothing but the real thing would do. Wood was welcomed back whole-heartedly and people, everywhere, relished the joys of hot tubbin again.

Northern Lights has revisited the age-old tradition of cooperage (barrelmaking) and combined it with the up to date manufacturing technologies of the twenty-first century. We are very proud to be among the world's finest cedar hot tub artisans.You will honestly not find a better-made tub. We use only Clear Western Red Cedar. If you have ever seen this type of wood before, then you know how gorgeous it is. We have very high standards. You  need not give a thought to decay because you won't ever get any. Resistance to decay has long been the strong point of cedar wood. You will love its aroma ! You will feel so calm and relaxed. The cedar's aroma is a favourite around the world.  With regard to its durability, the Clear Western Red offers a porous structure that ensures your water remains where it needs to be - inside your hot tub. It also boasts of having among the highest insulating values of most common woods. We provide our clients with the best in fine craftsmanship. We honor the time-tested art of barrelmaking by ensuring top quality precision with the help of Computer Aided Milling and Computer Aided Design. Working to tolerances of 1/64", our state of the art Laser Guided Milling guarantees 100% accuracy. You simply won't find better and our Quality Inspection Program means you receive a brilliant finished product that exceeds our high standards and those of our valued customers.

Northern Lights Hot Tubs have all the amenities of modern plastic spas (see our product specifications) including 2-stage pumps, electric, wood or gas heaters, spa controls, filter system (See Electric System), jets, and other options such as ozonators and digital top side control units. Traditional Chofu Wood Fire Heating Systems are available as an option for people living in cottages or remote locations. All our exact specifications meet your own higher standards for utility and home use. Why do our cedar tubs stand out, making them the obvious choice in spas? They are simply streets ahead of other spas, in terms of quality and workmanship. They are without exception favourites, both for ambience and for aromatherapy. No other natural wooden tub offers anything like it. Our tubs are almost 44" deep (48" high), which provides a unique buoyancy or floating effect. You will have a ball. You will experience the ultimate in relaxation. Try out our state of the art jets systems and the dizzying smell of Western Red Cedar and we know you will agree that the total package and outright pleasure of our wooden tubs will convince you in a heartbeat!


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Adjustable Industrial Cedar Jets designed specially for wooden hot tubs ensures durability, and include 1-1/2" air valves for maximum adjustable hydro-air jet pressure.

northern lights hot tubs sketch
northern lights hydrotherapy jets

Hydrotherapy jets

Our milling design uses two separate precision joints: a canoe joint for the staves and T&G joints for the floor, giving superior water tightness.

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub stave joints

Precision joints

Using only 100% Clear Western Red Cedar, FSC. No knots! Our hot tubs stand 122cm high with 120cm staves (sides). This allows for nearly 110cm of interior depth, giving the ultimate soaking experience.

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub stave height 120cm
northern lights western red cedar

Clear Western Red Cedar

5cm wide, flat straps and screws made from 304L stainless steel eliminating any rust or oxidization.

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub stainless steel strap

Flat stainless steel straps

Dual air controls allows for individual adjustment of jet pressure.

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub air valve

Air controls

Select from a variety of heating types when ordering your hot tub, electric, natural or propane gas or woodfired heating. Or connect to an external hot water source with our heat exchange system for hybrid heating.

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub gas heating
northern lights hot tub electric heating
northern lights hot tub wood heating

Heating options

12cm x 12cm pressure treated floor joists support the floor firmly.

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub floor

Floor supports

Bi-level circular seat structure, allows for different heights and soaking levels, great for kids!

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub benches

Benches with raised section

Cedar stairs are ideal for easy entry on a standalone configuration (hot tub not built into a deck). The stairs are custom angled to fit properly each different hot tub circumference size. Their solid construction includes 2"x8" solid cedar stair risers.

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub stairs

Stairs with side railing

The 12cm thick insulating spa cover with child locks is one of the highest insulating covers available. These covers withstand upto 200 kg of static pressure!

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub cover detail
northern lights hot tub cover lock
northern lights hot tub cover

Insulated cover

Top side LCD panels lets you control your hot tub conveniently. Activate massage jets, control temperature upto 1°C accuracy, set operation modes and filtration cycles, and much more.

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub control panel 601

Optional router allows total control over internet anywhere, anytime. For iOS and Android.

Control panel

Double suction and skimmer intake for high flow circulation and optimal filtration capacity.

northern lights hot tub sketch
northern lights hot tub skimmer and suction

Integrated skimmer

The radial cedar enclosure is unique to Northern Lights hot tubs. It protects the technical components from the elements.

northern lights hot tub sketch

Housing enclosure

Cedar side shelves are designed specifically to match each circumference of hot tub size. They allow an ideal spot for drinks and towels. The side skirting hides the jet plumbing.

northern lights hot tub side shelves and skirting
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Side shelves and skirting

northern lights hot tub sketch

Models & Sizes

Scroll left or right to see each of the 4 available sizes

 Small (4 pers.)
Diameter 144 cm      
Seating capacity 4 pers.      
Height 120 cm      
Heating Electric, Gas, Wood, Hybrid      
Volume 1333 L      
Full weight 1497 kg      
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 Medium (6 pers.)
Diameter 166 cm      
Seating capacity 6 pers.      
Height 120 cm      
Heating Electric, Gas, Wood, Hybrid      
Volume 1806 L      
Full weight 1996 kg      
Image not available
 Large (8 pers.)
Diameter 188 cm      
Seating capacity 8 pers.      
Height 120 cm      
Heating Electric, Gas, Wood, Hybrid      
Volume 2378 L      
Full weight 2609 kg      
Image not available
 X-Large (10 pers.)
Diameter 214 cm      
Seating capacity 10 pers.      
Height 120 cm      
Heating Electric, Gas, Wood, Hybrid      
Volume 3124 L      
Full weight 3493 kg      
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Heating options

Enjoy the flexility of choice.


High performance. A wide variety of heating systems, for circulation only or for full jetted configurations.


Instant heat. This natural gas/propane heater quickly heats any hot tub size. Comes with pump, filter and digital display.


Off the grid. No electricity required. Just heat up with wood and enjoy the hot soak. Wherever you are, whenever you want.

spa system with LCD control panel heat exchanger woodfired

8 more reasons to love your hot tub

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  • Craftsmanship.
  • Craftsmanship.

    All our hot tubs are manufactured by our skilled craftsmen with many years of experience and knowledge of precision wood construction.  

  • Premium Materials.
  • Premium Materials.

    Only the best materials are used in manufacturing your hot tub such as clear Red

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  • Heating Options.
  • Heating Options.

    There are many ways to heat your Northern Lights hot tub. We have the right option for you, specifically suited to your requirements.

  • Install Anywhere.
  • Install anywhere.

    All parts fit through a regular door way enabling you to install your hot tub just about anywhere, no crane needed!

  • No chemicals.
  • No Chemicals.

    At Northern Lights we are concerned about the environment and the effects we are having on it.

    That’s why we offer water sanitization systems that are 100% halogen free , that means no Chlorine or Bromine.

  • Hydro-therapy.
  • Hydro-therapy. 

    Our hydro-therapy systems offer the benefits of both full force water pressure and combined water-air massage.

    Easily adjust the massage pressure for ultimate comfort at all times.

    Read More here

  • Raised bench.
  • Raised bench.

    The raised bench section ensures easy and safe entering into your hot tub as well as a comfortable step for getting out again after a soothing hot soak. 

  • Panels & Wifi.
  • Total control.

    Enjoy headache-free comfort with our patented, easy-to-use spa control systems.

    Choose the wifi module if you want to control your hot tub trough the internet anytime, anywhere, anyplace!

    Read More here

Perfect integration perfected.

Scroll sideways to see our most popular configurations.

1. built-in hot tub

2. semi-built-in hot tub

3. standalone hot tub

Don't just take our word for it

Read what our customers have to say.

» We have had our tub for 3 yrs. Never had a problem. Great customer service, quality craftmenship. Simple to assemble, just follow instructions. Great and rewarding weekend project. «
Mike Castronovo, United States
» For many years we wanted to have a hot tub in our garden. About one year ago I decided to go for it. Marco gave excellent advice. The tub was easy to install and it is a high quality product. We love the tub! «
Peter Schubert, Germany
» It is over 10 years now that we have our hot tub and it is in excellent shape. We are everyday users! The hot tub is a wonderplace to wake up with a cup of coffee in the morning, we enjoy it to relax in before going to sleep and also with friends we have a lot of fun drinking and chatting together. We look forward to enjoy it for many more years to come. It is really one of the best investments we ever made! «
Alex Dokman, The Netherlands
» Your customer service is second to none! «
Ian Cowley, Germany
» We are very happy with our choice and the whole family loves the tub. Thanks very much and best regards from Austria. «
R. Hirschl, Austria
» We are very happy with our hot tub which we recently installed ourselves. Any question was answered quickly and very friendly by Marco! Great service! «
Sofie Goethals, Belgium
» We are very pleased with this purchase. I have found no difficulties for assembly of our tub. We started using our tub in the summer and we are eager to try it in winter. Thank you very much! «
Wart Yves, Belgium
» I am really happy with the quality of the product and the responsiveness and kindness of the sale and support people. This is my third cedar tub, the first from this company, and it is the best. «
Roberto Bisiani, Italy
» I can’t praise your company highly enough! Marco always promptly gets back to any questions that I may have. Overall great service!!! …..Thank you. :o) «
Kevin Owen, Switzerland
» Tout simplement splendide. La beauté rencontre la sérénité et le service est de qualité. «
Sophie Van Hoeck, France
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