Configure your Ofuro Tub

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Note: You are not required to purchase the ofuro and options you have selected.

After the configuration you will get a summary of your selections and an option to request a quote by e-mail. 
We will contact you by mail (or by phone if you prefer) to give you the best quote we possibly can and apply discounts we might be offering currently.

Only then will you make the decision to proceed with your purchase.

Start configuring your Ofuro Tub

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Select the Ofuro Tub.

Ofuro Tub


Select the cover for your  Ofuro Tub.



Select a heater for your ofuro.

  • Digital Spa Pack 1,5kW
  • Woodfired boiler


Add a water sanitation system.

  • Ozonator
  • Mineral Ionizer
  • Ozonator + Mineral Ionizer

Interior Light

  • Standard Light
  • LED Light, Mood FX


Add a side shelf to your Ofuro Tub

Side shelf

Cedar step

Add a step to your Ofuro Tub.

Cedar step


Floating Thermometer