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" The success of any company is due largely to the individual care offered to its customers.
When buying a hot tub or sauna, the support and after sales service is often overlooked.
At Northern Lights, no matter how large or small the project, we want to ensure ultimate satisfaction."
- Marco Los, Chief Executive Officer -

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Quality hot tubs that are built to traditional standards


northern lights cedar hot tubsQuality from the tub to the heating system

There are hot tubs and hot tubs... Often, it takes just a glance to spot the ones that are good quality. More often, though, it takes a few months of using them before you can tell. With a cedar tub from Northern Lights, however, you will enjoy years of top-quality use. We produce them by combining carefully selected Western Red Cedar wood and fine steel with top-quality precision technology.

Quality begins with the cooper's finely honed skills

At Northern Lights, our hot tubs and barrel saunas are based on the 'Art of Barrelmaking'. The barrels that you are soaking or sweating in are built using ancient skills developed by coopers to create perfect vessels from wood and iron. Nowadays, our production methods have been thoroughly modernised, but we still employ techniques and joints that have been honed over centuries. So we use canoe joints to bind the staves (the long wooden planks on a barrel) to achieve a perfect watertight fit.

Quality through technology: modern CAD design and laser-guided milling.

Laser-guided milling machines ensure perfect wooden joints. In addition to the traditional canoe joints, we apply modern technology to ensure a precision fit between the horizontal staves and the ends, all the way round. This unique combination of traditional and modern production methods means we can guarantee unsurpassed watertight joints.

Quality heating systems, pumps and water sanitization systems

NorthernLights-technologyNorthern Lights offer a great selection of reliable heating modules: electrical, wood or gas-fired, as well as solar energy and other renewable sources of heat. Our innovative and environmentally friendly water sanitization methods always ensure top quality water. Our pumps are ceramic coated and run so quietly that you will only hear the rushing water. Ideal for relaxing properly after an exhausting day.




Hot tubs with massage jets

Throughout the ages, especially since the days of ancient Rome, people have loved the calm pleasures and therapeutic benefits of soaking in warm water. People, everywhere, feel an affinity with water and love to engage in the simple pleasures of soaking. The Romans were brilliant in popularizing recreational activities around water and tubs and to this very day, we are all very aware of the healing effects of warm water. Barrelmaking or cooperage goes back thousands of years. It is an age-old tradition and cooperage is still appreciated, today, for storing liquids such as wines and spirits.

hottub resortVery early on, cedar and oak were used for their natural resistance to decay and the way the wood expands when soaked. Cooperage ushered in the earliest forms of those wonderful hot tubs.

The 1970s literally burst upon the home leisure scene and plastics became the new woods. Confusing though this was, people lost no time in forgetting all about beautiful, natural woods. If you heard the word "spa", the words "hot tub" would soon to follow. People were just beginning to get used to the luxury of a good soak, even at home. Although people tried to become accustomed to the new 'wood', for many of them, this notion simply didn't take off. They wanted the feel and properties of real wood and nothing but the real thing would do. Wood was welcomed back whole-heartedly and people, everywhere, relished the joys of hot tubbin again.

Northern Lights has revisited the age-old tradition of cooperage (barrelmaking) and combined it with the up to date manufacturing technologies of the twenty-first century. We are very proud to be among the world's finest cedar hot tub artisans.You will honestly not find a better-made tub. We use only Clear Western Red Cedar. If you have ever seen this type of wood before, then you know how gorgeous it is. We have very high standards. You need not give a thought to decay because you won't ever get any. Resistance to decay has long been the strong point of cedar wood. You will love its aroma ! You will feel so calm and relaxed. The cedar's aroma is a favourite around the world. With regard to its durability, the Clear Western Red offers a porous structure that ensures your water remains where it needs to be - inside your hot tub. It also boasts of having among the highest insulating values of most common woods. We provide our clients with the best in fine craftsmanship. We honor the time-tested art of barrelmaking by ensuring top quality precision with the help of Computer Aided Milling and Computer Aided Design. Working to tolerances of 1/64", our state of the art Laser Guided Milling guarantees 100% accuracy. You simply won't find better and our Quality Inspection Program means you receive a brilliant finished product that exceeds our high standards and those of our valued customers.

cedar tub animatedNorthern Lights Hot Tubs have all the amenities of modern plastic spas (see our product specifications) including 2-stage pumps, electric, wood or gas heaters, spa controls, filter system (See Electric System), jets, and other options such as ozonators and digital top side control units. Traditional Chofu Wood Fire Heating Systems are available as an option for people living in cottages or remote locations. All our exact specifications meet your own higher standards for utility and home use. Why do our cedar tubs stand out, making them the obvious choice in spas? They are simply streets ahead of other spas, in terms of quality and workmanship. They are without exception favourites, both for ambience and for aromatherapy. No other natural wooden tub offers anything like it. Our tubs are almost 44" deep (48" high), which provides a unique buoyancy or floating effect. You will have a ball. You will experience the ultimate in relaxation. Try out our state of the art jets systems and the dizzying smell of Western Red Cedar and we know you will agree that the total package and outright pleasure of our wooden tubs will convince you in a heartbeat!


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