If you're in the market for the best hot tub you can find, and there's no lack of choice, that's for sure! Hot tubs come in many different sizes - from small and cozy to accommodate a couple, to large 'party' styles that can easily handle seven or more adults. They also come with a wide array of jet configurations to suit everyone's taste.


What it all comes down to is deciding what's best for you and the others who will be using your hot tub the most. Hot tubbing is a multi-sensory experience, and for many people it's more than just a pleasant, warm and wet tactile sensation. It includes your senses of smell and vision.

A good hot tub should appeal to you on several levels. It should have a relaxing effect when you see it, when you slip into the soothing water, and when you smell its pleasant aromas. It's the latter sense that many people fail to take into consideration when buying a hot tub. You want total body relaxation, right? That means you want to enjoy soothing aromas with every inhalation.

For the last few decades, the trend has been toward hot tubs made of moulded plastic. They're fine for easy upkeep and the experience is enjoyable. However, plastic tubs lack that one important ingredient - aroma.  They just don't produce any smell that could be considered pleasing. At best, plastic exudes no smell. At worst, you get a chemical, manufactured aroma. Not exactly relaxing!

For centuries before the advent of modern technology and plastics, wood was used for making hot tubs. There really wasn't any other viable choice. However, certain types of wood, it was discovered, lent themselves nicely to the overall hot tub experience. Oak was one such material, and cedar was another. Both woods expand when soaked, forming a better waterproof seal.

But if you're looking for that total sensory experience when you get into a hot tub, cedar is simply the best choice because of the pleasing aroma that it give out, especially when warm. What's more, cedar is a beautiful wood that appeals to our visual senses. There's nothing quite so relaxing as a cedar hot tub. Don't overlook them when shopping for your next hot tub!