The classic way to heat a sauna and keep it warm is with a wood burner. Nowadays, electric burners are a lot more popular than their traditional alternative. We offer both at Northernlights. 

Matter of taste

What type of heating is for you the best?

Our cedar barrel saunas make - because  their natural insulating - both systems profitable . Choosing is really a matter of personal taste. At least if you have a choice and you find access to electrical services.

Sauna purists will tell you that a wood burner provides the only true sauna experience. They wander as electric burners, as we also supply, there is no difference with the traditional sauna session.

Electric iseasier

See you from the 'why difficult as it easily can do' angle, the electric burner wins. You have to clean up any axis, you do not have to worry about close caking chimneys, ... With an electric burner, you can take a sauna without worry. That's why we also provide a standard electric stove in our barrel saunas.

We have compiled a range of electric burners based on our experience with what customers want. It is piece by piece to quality burners that can boast with an excellent reputation for durability and efficiency. The stainless steel casings of the burners ensure that you can enjoy years of your stove.

Steam can always

Regardless of how you heat your sauna, you can always make steam by pouring water over the stones lying on the heating element. You choose how hot you your sauna heats it is true that most of the sauna-goers prefer a sauna that does not rise higher than the temperature to 85 degrees. Our burners you can control the temperature and with a bucket of water nearby you can make as much steam as you like.

different temperatures

If you find too high temperature in the sauna while the other sauna-goers who find just top, you can always have a bench bags up to a height where the less hot to the touch. Since all of our cedar 'barrel' saunas are equipped with benches on two levels, it can accommodate people with different temperature resistances.