western red cedar hot tub

Born in Canada.

A good hot tub or sauna is made from carefully selected wood that withstands high humidity rates and severe temperature fluctuations. That's why we at Northern Lights® work exclusively with Western Red Cedar. This North American evergreen belongs to the conifer family and grows mainly in British Columbia, Canada.

Naturally Durable.

Western Red Cedar is one of the few species that can naturally withstand all types of weather. It can withstand the most extreme climates for decades. Its natural resistance to moisture, decay and insects makes it the ideal choice for structures that are exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, heat and cold, year after year.


Naturally resistant to bacteria and microbes

No warping under extreme conditions

Extremely high insulation levels

Relaxing, natural aroma


Highly Antibacterial.

Because Western Red Cedar contains thuja plicata soluble phenols, substances that are lethal to bacteria and fungi, you are sure to find it easy to maintain a hygenic cedarwood sauna or hot tub. Moreover, Western Red Cedar will retain its shape under all conditions, without twisting, cracking or warping.

Insulating and Calming.

Western Red Cedar has a very high thermal properties, which is obviously an important feature for hot tubs and saunas! Also, Western Red Cedar beautifully blends in with all kinds of architectural designs, be it rustic or modern. Its natural aroma is beneficial due to its calming effect. So you can enjoy an all-sensory experience during your hot tub or sauna session!


Carefully Selected.

The Western Red Cedar trees that Northern Lights® use are carefully selected. Our buyers check the wood for any imperfections. Only the best quality timber is used to produce your hot tub or sauna. See for yourself! Now and in the future. Each time you take a dip and enjoy a well-earned sense of wellbeing.

If you would like to learn even more about the Western Red Cedar, we encourage you to check out the excellent resources provided by the official Western Red Cedar Lumber Association.

FSC Certified.

FSC certifiedThe wood of your hot tub or sauna is naturally long-lived. Northern Lights® only uses FSC certified wood that is sustainably managed by the Canadian government. So sustainably that there are more Red Cedars growing today than in the 1970s. You can rest assured that your feel-good moments are in full harmony with nature.


Growth, Properties and Use of Western Red Cedar.